Fishing in Mauritius, Mauritius

Fishing in Mauritius

Deep-sea fishing, as the name implies is pursuing game fish that are normally found deep out in the sea. And the waters of Mauritius are ideal for deep-sea fishing. It can be said that Mauritius is indeed an angler's nirvana with such a wide, exotic variety of game fishes on offer.

The waters of Mauritius are home to a massive variety of marine life, such as the marlins, sharks, tuna and the sailfish. Anglers are spoilt for choice between blue and black marlins, all types of sharks like hammerhead, mako, tiger and black fin, yellow Tunas, the Bonitos and the Barracuda.

Mauritius is quickly emerging as a hub of deep sea fishing. Having several world fishing records that include a mako shark of 115 pounds, the blue shark of 400 pounds, a bonito of 41.5 pounds, a white tuna of 224 pounds and a 'b├ęcune' of 125 pounds, not to mention the blue marlins weighing around 1430 pounds, Mauritius is home to an exotic variety of game fishes. Even the world famous deep sea fishing competition- the Marlin World Cup was hosted by Mauritius at the La Pirogue Hotel. All these have combined together to place Mauritius firmly on the world map as far as deep sea fishing goes.





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