Mauritius Cuisine, Mauritius

Mauritius Cuisine

The cuisine in Mauritius truly reveals the islands multi-cultural and multi-ethnical richness and the merging of these cultures to the point that one dish can be classified as Creole, Mauritian and Indian. Traditionally the base of all Mauritian cuisine is the curries and rougailles and served more simply than a normal curry with white rice and beans. All residents of the island have adopted this cuisine as their staple diet. Even Mauritians of European origin partake in this food as a Sunday treat.

The Creole food served in restaurant is mainly made up of the same mixture of saucy Indian with rice, but adapted to European tastes as it isn’t as spicy as traditional cuisine.

Top restaurants in Mauritius adopt several specific food cultures which are kept true to their roots but sometimes subtle touches of exotic influences are included.





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